Posted: January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

It was a day of silence, a day of worry, a day of fear. It was cold. The breeze ran a chill down the spine, the fear which clutched my heart, tightly but lose enough to keep me alive.

A day of conflict, a day of resentment, a day of opportunities and a day of happiness. There was more to come; anxiety, achievement and power. The situation was not under control. The next few days would change my life, for the better or it would just remain the same but things could never go worse. I knew it. But the heart resisted its acceptance. It was clutched hard. Hard enough not to let me mould the feelings.

I went out, to feel the breeze, to let go the spirit which was dampened by the tears of anxiety. A spirit burdened by the fear of losing. A spirit which wanted to feel what it is to be like flowing with the wind. And I let it.

It described me. A part of it wanted to explore the freedom; carefree, lively and genuine. While the other half was scared to let them know; dark, anxious, terrified.

My body failed to respond. Such a duality was never a part of me. Caged and Free. Silence and Whisper. Black and White. Right and Wrong.


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