Reality Bites

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Once upon a time, there sat two friends, lazing around in the evening sun. The day had been tiring, and to be sitting there, under the cool shade of the tree, admiring the sunset was a luxury we seldom enjoyed.  Earphones plugged in, I sat oblivious to what my friend was doing. He must have been doing the same, for the tranquil peace still lay undisturbed.

Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.

Suddenly my earphones are yanked off. Startled, I look at the perpetrator, my friend, sitting facing me, my earphones dangling from his hands. He had been talking to me for a while now, evidently, he was no harbinger of peace or silence I imagined him to be. He was telling me about the nightmare that had kept him awake the previous night.


Nightmare. The word caught my attention.

Generally, when people talk about nightmares, you expect ghosts and phantoms to crop up, in a tale of vividly distinct attempts at the narrators life. Now that drama is something to look forward to, especially if you are jobless enough to be enjoying the sunset.

He had my undivided attention, at least till he got to the part where the ghost makes its grand entry.

Basking in the new found audience, he began speaking again. It’s funny how easily life can surprise you, challenge you when you least expect it, put you at ease when you’re ready to fight.  I sat there, expecting a child’s tale of the supernatural but what I heard was something so contrasting. In a simple line, he had described one of the most primitive fears of the whole mankind.

 In his dream, he had seen himself, albeit in a different form, more powerful than he was, fearless and unrelenting. His stature showed no hint of worries or regret. No hollow years to account for. Yet there was anger. And that scared him. Something so perfect, and yet so stark. He stood bare bodied, his ghost, his own reflection.

 He was scared of himself, he admitted sheepishly. I simply stared.


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