Grace Becomes Us

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We hold each other’s hands

As we marry into our sincerity

In silence we breathe together

As we face our problems and insecurities


For we are experienced warriors

And have struck with many a weapon

But each time we sever the monster’s head

It easily sprouts another one


The behemoth only seems to grow

Unfettered and unruffled

There seems nowhere to go

It’s chaos; mixed up and muddled


So then we dream up a new plan

We step into the unknown

Where the skies are clear and empty

Where the bird of thought hasn’t flown


We decide to stick with the silence

Not craving or wanting and answer

And we just stand beside the problem

As we invoke a force much larger


Then just when all hope seems lost

The problem is bereft of its face

Our eyes cry only – Thank you!

All around us only grace


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